Bibliomancy - Books are Divine
Bibliomancy: (noun) divination by means of a book, especially the Bible, opened at random to some verse or passage, which is then interpreted.

In bibliomancy a person flips through the pages of a book and comes to a halt with his or her finger pointed at a particular passage, which is then interpreted and meditated upon as a sign from above. It is possible that the passage can be taken out of context if it makes sense to the reader, but if not it helps to read the surrounding text. Also one could ask for clarification of one scripture by asking another. Bibliomancy is one of the most popular methods for carrying out divination because it uses a person‘s favorite holy books, and is therefore acceptable to people of any creed.

The random passage that the individual picks from the Holy book is considered a sacred text of the most significant kind, spoken directly to you. Over the centuries, there have been many such methodologies in various religions and cultures, such as interpreting the works of Homer. Bibliomancy is also highly potent when it comes to magical works or alternative healing. Magicians and healers who use bibliomancy intend to transform the world through the powerful verses from the Holy Scripture. There are many preachers all around the world who aim to transform the lives of people through the inspiring words and promises from the Holy Bible. They consider it to be THE true Holy book, interpreting spiritual concepts of truth to find what is revealed in secrets. Some preachers go so far as to prophesize the future.

Are you aware of the philosophies and implications of bibliomancy? Some religious leaders claim to have the power to drive away demons by uttering the words of the scriptures. They consider the words as the eternal source of power because they were derived by the ancient prophets. The Bible mentions, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Hence the verses or passages in the Bible are an empowering fortification to the soul that meditates on it. Be it a sickness, small trouble, or a disaster that had occurred, natural calamity or any other petitions to go; through bibliomancy one can attain great strength to guide them through.

David was a shepherd boy was a prominent character in the Bible who insisted on pondering over the words of God day and night. Through bibliomancy one can achieve eternal peace by experiencing the glory of God. The Bible insists that the people should be redeemed from their sinful nature and saved. Then they can appear on the Kingdom of God on the final judgment day and make the grade. Bibliomancy is an act that captures the souls to follow God through the guidance of the divine Word contained in His scriptures. It articulates all the blemishes of the people and restores the worldly troubles and disappointments. The hidden future of the individuals is brought into light through an act of deep impersonal meditation. One can feel the spirit of God ruling over the person to guide him/her every step of the way.
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